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Find the Fitness Professional that’s right for you! 

Whether you’re addicted to keeping fit,  like training a couple of times a week, or simply looking to kick-start your fitness programme, The PT Network will help find a fitness professional that’s right for you.

What is PT Network?
Its simply aimed at making it easier for you to find a Fitness Professional in your local area to help you achieve your goals. The ptnetwork.co.uk is a brand new website aimed at showcasing the thousands of fitness professionals from across the UK. Its aim is to make those Fitness Professionals accessible to you, you no longer have to ask around or go into a gym, talk to a salesperson and then sold a lot of stuff you don’t need.
Why should I use it?
Most of all its easy – you can browse before you get in touch. PT Network is a single destination site where you’ll find the right fitness pro for you in the area where you live. You can browse for the right trainer, read their individual profile pages – look at images & videos; check out their prices and contact them direct if you’re interested.
What sort of fitness Pros will be on PT Network?
All types of fitness pros have a web page on PT Network including: Cross Fit trainers; Pilates instructors; Yoga instructors; Zumba trainers; Boxercise; aerobics; Physiotherapists; Swimming instructors; football coaches; fencing instructors; rugby coaches;  badminton instructors; tennis coaches ….. any type of fitness professional ;
Which personal trainer is the best for me?
The right fitness pro for you depends on what area you’re keen on and also what you’re looking to achieve i.eDo you want to lose weight? Increase muscle? Help recover from an injury? Or Learn how to box or do a marital art? Browse the profiles and find someone that feels right fit you.
How much does it cost?
Searching for a fitness pro is free on PT Network.  Each fitness pro will have their own prices depending on how many sessions you want to buy. Most personal trainers will have a discount price for introduction sessions. Try a session and then decide if the trainer is right for you. If not, try another.
I‘ve never had a PT before, do I have to be super fit or rich?
No. Fitness pros are passionate about what they do and prices start from £20/hour. Lots of people have success with them to achieve their goals.
Do I have to join a gym?
No.  Most fitness pros hire gym space for their own and client use which means you don’t have to sign up for any sort of membership. Some fitness pros train in the open spaces such as the park, or will come to your home, but they’ll make this clear to you during your enquiries.
Are fitness pros effective?
One to one training from qualified, passionate and motivated fitness pros is one of the most effective types of training you can do.  There are plenty of celebrity case studies in the press about this!  The quality depends on the individual and the chemistry they have with you so try a few trial sessions to decide which one is right for you.
What does a fitness pro do?
They will look at where you are now, discuss your goals and work on a training plan. They should also advise you on your diet, exercise and lifestyle. Good PT’s will make your session enjoyable, effective and provide a safe routine which you can follow without their supervision.
I don’t know which fitness pro to choose?
Browse through the profile pages looking for one which is a specialist in your area e.g. – yoga; Crossfit; or tennis and ask for a trial session. PT’s are professionals and will be happy to talk to you, your requirements and offer a trial. If you’re happy then agree a price and how many sessions you’d like to buy.
What’s the difference between the cheap and expensive fitness pros
Just like a clothes shop there will be an array of different priced products.  Each fitness pro will have their own pricing structure depending on their level of experience, their reputation and type of clients they like to work with.  However don’t be put off by cheaper fitness pros they may simply be starting out and building a client list but just as good as an expensive trainer.
Go Ahead, Kick start your training today!

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