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Top 10 Health & Fitness Tips

December 22, 2012 in Help, Nutrition and Diet

10. New Clothes, New You

Buy yourself the clothes in the size you aim to be. That way, you are reminded of what your goal is to help you stay on track. As you lose the weight, give your old bigger clothes to charity – that way it’s not so easy to turn back!

9. Eat before you shop

Prior to going out for the food shopping, have some protein rich food. Consider having some chicken or cottage cheese, eggs or salmon bagel. These foods taste pretty good and they’ll also keep you feeling fuller longer. Therefore those chocolates screaming your name in the food aisles won’t look so appealing after all.​

8. Thirst or Hunger?

It’s easy to sometimes mix up our thirst for a drink for our hunger for food. Once you start to feel a little ‘hungry’ have a glass of cold water instead with a dash of lemon juice or lime. That may be just what was needed.​

7. Better Snacking Choices

Let yourself snack, but make better decisions. Consider stack on fruit, light yoghurt, nuts and seeds. Have these on hand and ‘graze’ throughout the day. This will keep you satisfied in between meals, helping you to make careful decisions about what to eat.

6. Salad First

First fill your plate with the salad and vegetables. Then add the meat afterwards. We usually tend to put fattier, bulkier foods on our plate first, leaving less room for our lighter veg.

5. The Small Fork Diet

It usually takes about half an hour for your stomach to realise its ‘full.’ So do as Lord Sugar does. Eat your dinner with a small fork to slow you down! Consider chewing each mouthful 15 times before you swallow to enable you to digest your food easier.

4. Whilst You’re At It, Try a Small Plate Too

Similar to the smaller fork idea – use a smaller plate to serve your food. Eating from a full plate, regardless of if it’s smaller will make you feel more satisfied. This can also be used in the context of alcohol – beware of those huge wine glasses!

Don’t weight yourself every day

Weight loss won’t happen overnight. Any significant weight loss in a very short period of time such as a day is simply down to fluid fluctuation in your body. Weighting yourself every day can be demotivating. Try weighing yourself weekly and record your weight.


Government guidelines recommend that the average healthy individual does 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise 3-5 times per week.

Finally, Get Started

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” (Mark Twain)

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