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How best to avoid PT burnout…

December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

When a PT is growing their business whether freelance or employed within a gym environment,  it is often the case that all focus goes on obtaining new clients through conventional and often unconventional methods. With a high focus on relationship building and demonstrating your skills.

Often enough it is very easy for a PT to get so bogged down in making something of themselves that they forget about their own well being. Okay some may say ‘that is simple’  ‘its all about structuring your time and factoring in time for your own training’, Easily said than done.

Some of us in the profession need a push or should I say helping hand when it comes to avoiding burnout. Whilst physical fitness is helpful its not the only area to be looked after, some of us do not know when to switch off from admin, clients, pre planning. May be that is the job.

whats your take on this, tips and ideas welcome…….

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