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January 5, 2012 in Help

Are you a Personal Trainer . Zuma Instructor . Yoga Instructor . Pilates . Football Coach . Class Instructor or other type of Fitness Professional …?

The is a brand new website aimed at showcasing thousands of fitness professionals from across the UK.  It’s a single destination site where prospective clients go to when they’re looking for a Fitness Profesional in their local area.


See the video for an overview.  We really have designed the site to be easy to use and easy to get going.

  • It’s Quick & Easy – You can create your own unique web page in under 30 minutes, start simple add more section when you like.  
  • It’s Free –   For a limited time only so join us today
  • Get’s you Noticed - Clients find you easily by searching by postcode or on the homepage map
  • You Control It - Update whenever you like
  • Links to your Social Media - Connects easily to your Facebook, Twitter & Blog pages
  • Save Money - No need for an expensive website or hosting fees
  • Easy to Use – Its really easy for anyone to use.  Click here to see how easy it is to edit your page.
  • Start Today - It’s easy to get going. Simply become a member and then start typing. Be up and running in under 30 Mins. It really is that easy e.g.
Need some inspiration? Then take a look at a couple of existing PT Network member pages :

We have plenty of new features in the pipeline as well, so your page will never look out of date and always look fantastic.

Increasing access to the fitness marketplace for the Public and Fit Pros

Everyone benefits from easier access to personal fitness.  PT’s need to be more proactive, market themselves and make themselves easier to find to the public.  The majority of PT’s are finding it difficult to get started and make a good living wage.  This also means the public doesn’t benefit from the most effective type of training they can get as there are less PT’s available and they are harder to get into contact with.  That pretty much sums up what this site is attempting to do – Allow easier access to the fitness marketplace to the public and for fitness professionals. All of this is free, with no hidden costs*.  All the best and good luck connecting.
*For a limited time period, the first fitness professionals to sign up will get lifetime free access.

About the inception of PT Network

The PTNetwork was born from a simple idea – to help more people get fit. I’ve been a passionate about health and fitness for over 20 years and have many friends who are Fitness Pros. Having spent a lot of time training with them, I realised that many struggled to grow their client base because of technical or cost limitations. There just didn’t seem to be a single site out there doing this or doing it well.  The seeds of the idea for PT Network was born – to build a network where fitness pros and fitness seekers could find each other.  PTs can now have a web presence which looks good and without the on-going maintenance and hosting fees.

The websites’ first phase is nearly complete and we’ll be officially launching the site ahead of the Olympics. We’ll continue to refine and develop it, and would love to receive your honest feedback. I want to extend a really big warm welcome if you’ve just joined or are thinking about joining.

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