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Quick Getting Started Guide

June 25, 2012 in Help

Quick Start Guide

  1. Logging In Your User
  2. Uploading New Profile Picture
  3. Uploading Gallery Pictures
  4. Hiding Panels from the Public
  5. Placing yourself on the Front Page Map
  6. Entering Twitter Feeds into your profile
  7. Facebook Feed – coming soon
  8. The Living Page Concept

A Summary Video of all Features

The following video is a collection of shorts and will show you how to do most of the things you need to do to get up and running.

How to Log In  (Click here for Video

Log In With You Username and Password that has been provided.  Click here for Image:: 

Editing Your Profile [Click Here for Video]  

Go to My Account->  Profile ->  Edit.  Click Here For Image

This will take you to your Profile, from here you will can begin to edit your fields.   Watch this video for a very quick example of how easy on screen editing is:: Click Here For Video.

Uploading New Profile Picture [Click Here for Video]

Your profile pictures will be displayed to the Public on the when they are searching in their local area for a fitness professional.  You can upload your profile picture by either going to My Account -> Profile -> Change Profile Picture  (Click Here for image) or hitting Change Profile Picture on while in your Profile Editing (Image here). Note::  the edit Profile Button will take you to the incorrect screen. This will be corrected very shortly.

Uploading Gallery Pictures [Click Here for Video]

To Upload Gallery Photos. Simply select the menu from the drop down (Click here).  Or Click on My Account.  Then hit Gallery, then Upload Picture.  Screen Shot Here

Hiding Panels from the Public [Click Here for Video]

There are a number of on/off switches on each of the panels you have available.  Switching these to an off mode will hide the panel from the public.   This is useful if you want to quickly get started.

Placing yourself on the Front Page Map [Click Here for Video]

This is important if you want to be found by searching customers.  To get on the front page map you have to enter a valid location into your “location 1″ field. This can be a postcode or anything else that google maps will recognise.
You can check that this has generated a ‘valid’ postcode by quickly going into your control panel and checking that a valid entry has been made.
You can see that the corrected address is the one that has been generated from the postcode and is valid.  If the location is invalid this will show as “Invalid”.  It will take 20 mins for your location to be updated on the home page map. You are now immediately searchable by location to the general public.

Entering Twitter Feeds into your profile [Click Here for Video]

Enter the desired Twitter ID into the Twitter field on your profile page::
Refresh the page – if you have correctly entered the twitter ID the twitter panel will now be working.  It is always better to use your own twitter ID, but it could be someone else that you are follow or have an interest in.

Facebook Feed (Coming soon!)

You will soon be able to post your blog entries to Facebook or pull in photos, comments and other items into your webpage.  Why….? Because google likes your page to be ‘living’, it likes to see your page being updated and will pay more attention to it – this is also good for potential clients, it gives them a stronger feel for you and makes them more likely to get in touch.

The Living Page Concept

Everyone creates content – on Twitter, Blogging, Webpages, Linkedin and Facebook.  The problem with this is that it is spread around and disjointed.  What if you could pull together all the marketing you do for yourself  and keep it into unified place for you and clients?  One of the aims of this sites is to pull all the different content you create into a single place easily and with little effort.  Creating a dynamic and living page that is easily updated instead of just static, going old and getting stale – Search engines and potential clients like this. We call this a ‘Living Page’, it gets updated with very little effort and because you are part of a larger network, your page and you are more likely to get noticed and found.

More to follow…..

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