Welcome to PT Network. If you have a question, chances are you’ll find the answer below. But if you don’t find it, please drop us an email at the ‘Contact Us’ section and we’ll get back to you really quickly.

What is PT Network?

PT Network is the UK’s first online network dedicated for all fitness pros whether you’re a yoga teacher, personal trainer or Crossfit trainer


How will it benefit me?

PT Network is a single destination site which lets clients find you. Showcase your service, upload images & videos, your prices, location and contact details. We will market PT Network to thousands of consumers so they can find you!  You can also save on costly web design and hosting fees.  You can sign up here.

Do I pay?

Unlike most websites, PT Network is FREE (for a limited time period). We’re passionate about the fitness and training industry across the UK and want to see it grow. If you don’t want to upload your pictures and write about yourself we offer a service, simply pay us a fee and we will do all the work for you.

How long will it take to set up?

You can have your own PT Network web page live within 30 mins

If I’m a gym or professional body, can I join?

Yes! We’re keen to get all fitness pros, associations and gyms on PT Network. There may be a small fee to help support the site’s development if you are a small gym.

Can I also keep my own website?

Yes!  You get double the chance of clients finding you, but all the benefits of belonging to a much larger fitness pro network.

Can I link my social media sites to my PT Network page?

Yes! You can automatically link your Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages to your PT Network page

Will my own profile page get hacked?

Client security is paramount to us so we’ve worked in some clever technology to protect your details and profile page. If you notice any interference, please contact us and we’ll look into it immediately.

How often do I update it?

You can update your page whenever you have time. The more you refresh it, the more likely clients will find you and keep interested in what you’re up to. If you blog or tweet, then these will be automatically feed into your profile page.

Will I get found by Google?

Every profile page is optimised for search engines which makes it really easy for clients to find you and because PT Network is a network Google likes us even more and we’ll appear higher up its search ranking.  Existing members are already generating enquires.

How will clients find me?

Clients can either find you by searching regionally through the PT Network map locator (on the homepage); typing in your unique PT Network profile name; or typing in their specific interest

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply type in your details into the 4 sections – Your Service; Your Price; Your images & Videos; Your Contact details. You need  Firefox or a Chrome browser to edit your web page.  Its really simple – See our Getting Started Quick guide here. Or take a look at the Video Summary here.

What is the map locator?

Clients can find you by simply placing their mouse over the map location or inputting their postcode.  It they’re searching in your area, your details will pop up.

What should i write?

Write about you – what you specialise in; what motivates you; why you’re different than the competition; why a client should train with you; your qualifications; any awards you’ve achieved; how long you’ve been training for etc etc.  It’s easy once you get started!

How do I make my page really attractive to clients?

This isn’t a dating site,  but you do want to sell yourself and services so make it personal and targeted – what motivates you; why you became a trainer; your passion to train others etc.   Also tell people directly what you specialise in e.g. PT for the older clients, people that want to lose weight or those in rehabilitation.

What images and videos should I use?

People like pictures and a great profile photo can makes it easier for people to connect with you.  More images of you training, or clients losing weight will help people build up a picture of who you are and what you offer.  Get someone to take a video of you training on your phone and upload it to the site – you don’t have to have really expensive equipment to do this.

Can I use my PT Network page as a my main webpage?

Yes.  Think of your PT profile page as your own mini website but without the design fees and hosting costs. We’ve employed some of the UK’s top web designers to create an impact for you. If you want to buy a domain (www.YourDomainName.co.uk) and point this at your page we can help you. It shouldn’t cost more than £20 to buy the domain and point this to your site.

Can I buy a web address and point to my Web Page?  e.g. www.mypersonalwebpage.com

You can do this yourself for a small fee (£20) – or we can do this for you.

How do I appear on the map?

The map will take the location you enter into ‘Location Field 1′ and generate a map entry on the front page. Postcodes are best for this location. At the moment we are limiting one location (on the map) per PT.

How do I make myself appear on the front page map?

Make sure you have entered a valid postcode in field location1.   If you look in your control panel (on your web page) this will tell you if you have generated a valid map entry. It may take up to one hour to appear on the map.

What happens if my profile page is left blank?

Profiles will be reviewed by the administrator. If  your profile is mostly empty then you will be taken off the site as we don’t want clients staring at blank pages.

What are the rules?

The simple rule is, your page must only be used to advertise you or your place of work – not products or other spammy stuff.  Thanks!

Great, How Do I Join? 

Easy, email membership@ptnetwork.co.uk with your name, preferred email and we can set you up ..or just head straight to our sign up page.

2 responses to FAQ

  1. hello
    are you currently recruiting members?

  2. We are currently looking for FITPRO’s – however because of spammers we have disabled registration (we were getting 100+ false registrations a day). If you would like to join then email jason@ptnetwork.co.uk with a few details and we’ll set you up.

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