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Andreas Scholl

Manchester - Didsbury Based Personal Trainer

Commit, Succeed, Transform!


Andreas is a qualified European Institute of Fitness Master Trainer with REP Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

A Martial Arts expert, specialising in:

  • Wing Chun and Tai Chi
  • He trains in venues in Didsbury, including South Manchester\'s premiere gym, F2K.

Being originally from Munich in Germany, from an early age Andreas was immersed in sport and surrounded by professional sportsmen and athletes. His first sports training was in athletics and swimming, and before becoming a Personal Trainer he spent over 10 years as a martial arts coach, studying Aikido in Japan and Wing Chun with Sifu Gary Lam in Los Angeles.

Getting fit should never become a burden which makes you a slave to routine. With the right motivation and simple techniques, I can help you to integrate healthier living into your lifestyle.¬† Think of it as a basic form of hygiene like brushing your teeth ‚Äď the human body is an exceptionally beautiful miracle of physiology and we should respect and maintain its health.

My programmes are characterised by my mantra ‚Äď commit, succeed, transform. I employ techniques to boost the system, which result in amazing results in a fraction of the time. Interval training, plyometrics and compound resistance work take their place amongst a wide range of exercises to keep it fun, varied and most importantly, deliver those results fast!

WING CHUN - A Southern Chinese Combat Art. \'Born out of tradition, shaped by real life.\'

Learn practical and sophisticated self-defence. ¬†Experience personalised hands-on training.Step by step instruction ‚Äď easy to learn.¬†Learn the complete Wing Chun syllabus.¬†Adaptable to any body size, shape and gender.¬†Friendly, warm atmosphere.¬†Improve your fitness.

  • Yip Man tradition.
  • Wong Shun Leung lineage.
  • Gary Lam system.
  • Andreas Scholl method.

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£ 30.00

1 session

EACH session is 60 minutes

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£ 50.00

10 session

Buy 5 get 1 FREE session

Package Title 3
£ 150.00

15 session

Buy 10 get 2 FREE sessions

Package Title 4
£ 300.00

20 session

Buy 15 get 3 FREE sessions

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