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I have been practicing yoga for 13 years now and also coming from a strong dance /movement background my love and joy for discovering truth and releasing tension through the vehicle that is the human body has always interested me so much .... I have worked closely with people from most sporting disciplines and teach the system of yoga that encourages the individual students to find their own truth , the best system for them ... Trained and well versed in most styles of yoga including hatha , dynamic flow , ashtanga ,yin yoga , yoga therapy , anasura , tripsichore , yogamonks , jivamukti influenced and Satyagraha Yoga asana...

Able to teach all from complete beginners to super advanced ....

  • Yoga for Fitness , heath , well-being , maintenance and Yoga for Yoga ...
  • The Discovery of Our Own Unique Bliss found through the vehicle of the Human body , the chakra system , breath , meditation and bhakti devotion..
  • Yoga is the perfect compliment to all sporting disciplines and life styles ..

Most recently I just returned from Thailand where I go to teach yoga each Winter at The Golden Buddha Beach Resort on the remote island of Koh Phra Thong I am also a guest Teacher at Vikasa Yoga Studios on Koh Samui Thailand... Currently Available in London for Private Hire and Small Group Sessions ...

I TEACH EVERYBODY :) From Complete Beginners to Super Advanced :)

There is a natural instinct within all of us to follow a healthy balanced diet. Deep down inside we know what is good and what is not good for us but we chose to ignore the body and mind. Regular practice of yoga helps to stimulate these natural instincts..... It is preferable to eat a nutritious vegan / vegetarian diet. Vegetarianism / Veganism have been found to promote inner calmness and harmony between the body and mind, whilst eating meat has been linked with inner tension, anger, disharmony and an increased risk in Cancer. Meat is hard to digest and therefore some yogis reckon that meat eaters tend to be stiffer in Mind and Body :) then Vegetarians / Vegans. Its Also about creating as little harm as possible on this planet ... A Vegetarian / Vegan Diet has been proven to have less of a negative impact on the planet then a meat based one. There is also the subject matter of AHIMSA in yoga / non-violence

Experiment for yourself , how you feel after eating certain foods... Anybody Can Practice Yoga , I usually find though that with a regular yoga practice then you start to look after yourself more and know intuitively what the right foods for you to eat will be :)

When booking in a yoga session with me , it works best to practice on a totally empty stomach , ideally do not eat any food for 4 hours before your yoga session with me , if you must try to have a very light snack or juice or soup 2 hours before... You Can Eat all you like and Enjoy Your Supper afterward , as my teacher always says :)

I Can Tailor Make Specific Yoga Programs for individuals .

Anything from fitness training , weight loss / management , balancing , flexibility , Calming , relaxing , de-stress , anti-fatigue , immunity , specific chronic and acute illnesses . Yoga for Sports Professionals and all sporting disciplines and injuries ...

I teach most styles of Yoga From Dynamic free flow form to ashtanga inspired to Yin Yoga and classical hatha yoga .....

Dynamic Yoga Asana Classes Learn how to fly , balance and establish a strong foundation for the roots of your yoga practice :) Discover the grace and natural ease in movement and joy ... A challenging class suitable for all levels .... Beginners will learn , advanced students will be pushed ... Have Fun Practice Yoga Be Strong Be Fearless Be Graceful Be Kind :))))))))) Suitable for sports people or anybody wishing to come back to complete unity of mind body and spirit GratitudeGraceGrowthYoga +447414 128893

 WEDNESDAYS 7pm to 8.30pm SE1 Just south of the river south london  Location :)

@ Studio 180    180 lambeth road   london se1 7jy

£10 a head and Bring Your Own Mat if possible ! Music and Asana Practice... Try to notify me if coming  as limited places available ... Although if you\'re feelin\' lucky just rock up... 9 places available per session.... All Levels Welcome but please be prepared to broaden your horizons :) expansion and growth are the key here :))) Uber Cool Location ,Uber Cool Artistic Studio with FAB Energy ♥ ♥ ♥  Sign up :))) or just rock up ... +447414 128893

There are 7 Energy Centres called \"Chakras\" based along the spinal column . Each chakra has certain qualities and associations. And there are yoga postures that help us to get this energy in balance.

  • Chakra One : MULADHARA Chakra: Location : Base of The Spine Color : Red.  This Chakra is all about security , our base , our connection to the earth and survival.
  • Chakra Two : Svadhisthana Chakra : Location : Pelvis Color : Orange.  This Chakra is all about sexual desires , sexuality , pleasure and nurturing.
  • Chakra Three : Manipura Chakra : Location : Solar Plexus Color : Yellow.  This Chakra is all about Power , Will ....
  • Chakra Four : Anahata Chakra : Location : Heart Color : Green.  This Chakra is all about Love
  • Chakra Five : Visuddha Chakra : Location : throat Color : Blue.  This Chakra is all about communication toward ourselves and with others.
  • Chakra Six : Ajna Chakra : Location : Third Eye : Color : Indigo.  This Chakra is all about intuition.
  • Chakra Seven : Sahasrara Chakra : Location : Crown of Head Color : Bright White Light.  This Chakra is all about Universal Consciousness .
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  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika Swami Muktibodhananda
  • Patanjalis Yoga Sutras
  • Jivamukti Yoga David Life and Sharon Gannon
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  • Chakras Energy Centers of Transformation Harish Johari
  • The Yoga Bible Christina Brown


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Home Visit
£ 50.00- 80.00

1 session

Each Session is 60-90 minutes

Studio Session
£ 80.00

Per 1 session

Buy 5 get £50 Discount

Studio 5 Sessions
£ 350.00

5 sessions

Buy 5 Sessions and Get Free Online Support

Studio 10 Sessions
£ 700

10 sessions

Buy 10 Sessions and Get Free Online Support and Nutritional Advice

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